Childrens Birthdays can be expensive. But there is a way to do birthdays on a budget – to show your child a great birthday without breaking the bank.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Handmade invitations
    • Get your children involved in creating the birthday invite. Get some coloured paper or card and cut it into shapes, have your children draw and decorate the invites with felt pens, glitter and stickers – it’s a fun activity as well as keeping the cost down.
  2. Email invitations
    • Use pictures you find on the internet and design your own invitation and email it out. Not only does it save on materials, it saves on stamps and petrol money too.
  3. Don’t go over the top with catering.
    • Children don’t need a lot. I have made the mistake many of times in buying too much food. Cocktail sausages, fruit kebabs, fairy bread and a cake and they’re happy.
  4. Make your own cake
    • Birthday cakes can cost a lot if you’re getting them made. Whereas a bag of flour and a bag of sugar, some eggs and butter will cost you much less. Decorate it yourself – smarties and sprinkles are a winner. Children are
      happy with som
  5. Limit the numbers
    • If you’re going to invite the whole class then the cost will get up. But a few friends will keep costs lower.
  6. Avoid the goody bags
    • You can spend a small fortune on goody bags. Just avoid them altogether – a slice of cake sent home with a child who has attended the party is a lovely way to send them off and they have cake for their lunchbox treat the next day too.
  7. Host the party yourself or find a free or low-cost venueething that looks yummy and colourful so don’t stress yourself out and keep it as simple as possible
    • When you get into party venues you can often spend a large amount of money. If you’ve got the space, then host it yourself. If you don’t have the space then find a nearby park or school field/playground or a local school or community hall. Council-run pools are also free for children under 16 and a great way of entertaining the little ones. You can host it and still make it look wonderful. Check out this low table with cushions for a kids birthday party. Looks great and cheap to do.
  8. Do the entertainment yourself
    • It’s actually a lot easier than you would think to do the entertainment yourself – set a treasure hunt up, organise a disco or dancing competition, good old musical chairs, the chocolate game, pin the tail on the donkey – these are all free or low cost ways to entertain the kids. if they’re older then nerf gun wars or water fights are another great way to entertain them, or movies or sports, spotlight, truth n dare or tag.

So there you have it – some great ways to host a budget birthday. If you have any other suggestions for a birthday on a budget, we’d love to hear.

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